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Do's & Don't

DO's & DON'ts For Pre-press/ Printing documents:

We have find a great list of Do’s and Don’ts relating to Pre-Press/ Printing documents ,
which should help you avoid one of these embarrassing (not forgetting to mention expensive) mistakes when evaluating your pre print project before so that your final printing project comes out exactly how you want in a cost effective and timely manner.
Below are some of the most important, yet easy steps to ensure that your Pre-press/ Printing documents arrives in perfect condition and exactly how you intended!

Do: Use Coral DRAW, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
These programs are great for creating Pre-press/ Printing documents that are designed specifically for print.

Don’t: Use such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher and other software.
It does not work well for creating Pre-press/ Printing documents for print designs.

Do: Use Images 300 dpi. If Image color in RGB format please convert in cmyk
(Acceptable extensions in .jpg .png & .tif - Ideal resolution 300 dpi.)

Don’t: Use Web low resolution Images are to be avoided. (not acceptable extensions in .eps)

Do: Use Vector graphic please color convert in cmyk format great for creating Pre-press/ Printing documents for print.

Don’t: Use Vector color in RGB format. It's a change colors in Pre-press/ Printing final print documents.

Do: Input and submit all files in PDF form (Portable Document File).
that sending only a PDF limits our ability to make any adjustments or changes to your file.
Also, be sure that all fonts and images are embedded into the PDF.

Don’t: Send a Low Resolution .JPG or a Low Resolution .PDF,
these type of files will make your print job look fuzzy or grainy. ( Ideal resolution 300 dpi.)

Do: Specify the trim size, the bleed and the trim marks. Bleeds must always extend beyond the edge of the page boundaries. Also, keep in mind that most of your printed files will not be seen on a computer screen but will be held by your viewers. You must make sure that no important information is covered up by the reader’s hands.

Don’t: Use bleed less than 25mm when creating a print ready file (Pre-press/ Print documents).
Additionally, don’t place a company logo without leaving proper spacing around the edges.
This is important to make sure that the branded logo stands out on the printed piece.

Do: Fonts that cannot be embedded into the PDF file cannot be used on the print job.
Also, CMYK color settings work well in Pre-press/ Printing documents and generally produce better finished results,
however the wide format printing equipment is profiled to reproduce RGB color space much better than CMYK. It is recommended to consult with your print partner to see which is best based on the application.

Don’t: Don’t submit jobs that require “spot” colors without a unique color properly defined in the page layout software’s color pallet.
For example, if you desire a specific color of red, you must name it “PANTONE RED 032C” rather than just “red”.

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